100+ Ways to use our Shopify development packages

Aug 30, 2023 | Web Development

If you’re looking for ideas on how to make the best of your monthly Shopify development package, you’ve come to the right place. This is a list of optimsiation & customisation ideas for your store that can help increase sales and conversions and make your online presence appear more unique, trustworthy and on-brand.



Shopify Optimisation: Conversion, Page Speed, SEO & more

 Page speed fix

Optimise your store’s page speed and core web vitals for a better user experience & SEO including script optimisation, lazy loading, image optimisation.

Optimise your cart page

Make for an easier checkout experience, convey trsut, add upsells & crossells, show shipping estimates and increase conversions to checkout.

Hide out-of-stock items

from collection pages, highlighting available items instead.

Optimise images

across your website and learn how to keep them optimal as you keep uploading them – to keep your store fast and optimised

Uncover conversion issues

that are costing you sales and get them fixed

Responsive design & mobile optimisation

to improve how your online store looks and functions on mobile devices

Set up automated backups

or restore your data from an existing backup

Accessibility enhancements

making your online store accessible to all users

Run A/B tests

For conversion optimisations, landing pages, discounts, or special offers

Track customers’ activity

across your store with your CRM, gaining insights into their interests and potential conversion issues

Implement SEO techniques

such as link structures or breadcrumbs (we will not consult on SEO strategy but are happy to refer you to one of our SEO partners)

Optimise your store across devices

such as desktop, mobile, and augmented reality devices (Apple Vision Pro is coming!)

Fix bugs

such as in your theme or app integrations

Theme updates

Securely update your theme to the newest version for more features, improved design and more

GDPR compliance

help ensure your store meets EU privacy requirements


Add redirects to avoid broken links while keeping your website structure organised

Payment methods

Integrate and organise payment methods including “buy now, pay later” and instant mobile checkout to decrease friction and increase conversions


Test and review your store for specific optimisation recommendations to help increase conversions

Shopify Customisation: design, content & functionality

Colour swatches

Add colour swatches to your product pages even if you set up colour variations as separate products

Custom static sections on product page

So you can provide more product details & build trust

Change fonts & colours

To reflect your branding and complete the look and feel of your store

Customise email notifications

Change the appearance and content of automated emails such as your order confirmation email

Custom scheduled content sections

Homepage sections that hide or display content based on date and time

Custom quiz / calculator

Help your customers decide on the right purchase with a custom quiz or calculator

Collection pages

Customise the look of your collection pages

Collection page filters

Add custom filters to your collection pages that are relevant for your products

Mega menu & navigation

Add a mega menu that helps customers find what they’re looking for and inspires them to purchase or restructure your navigation

Gift & free shipping goals

Add a free shipping / free gift gauge to your cart page or cart drawer

International markets

Localise your store to a different market such as a different country, language, currency

Create custom content pages

Including custom layouts and elements

Stockists / store locator

Set up a stockist page and map to make it easy for your customers to find your physical locations

Customise the customer account pages

to help onboard customers (such as wholesale or trade partners)

Custom icons on product pages

Add custom icons and blurbs (based on tags or static) to your product pages to increase trust and conversion

FAQs – dynamic & reusable

Add custom, dynamic FAQ sections on your homepage, product pages or any other page while making it easy to keep all your questions and answers updated in one place

Display custom stock availability on your product pages

Such as from your inventory management system or with custom rules you may have, or show when your next purchase order is coming in

Display expected delivery dates

…on your product pages

Product customiser

Add a product customiser so customers can build their own product variations or add their images or custom text to them

Add collapsible sections / tabs to your product pages

to provide more product details (these could be static or based on tags or other attributes)

Product reviews

Collect and showcase product reviews across your entire store or for individual products and automatically invite customers to leave reviews


Add custom contact or other forms to collect quotes or enquiries
Add popups for your newsletter, promotions or other special offers

Social media

Add social media sharing buttons or embeds

Advanced search

Implement advanced search features and predictive search to make it easier for your customers to find what they are looking for

Buy now, pay later

Integrate and showcase BNPL payment options such as Afterpay or Klarna and display them with the price (for example “or 4 payments of $x”)

Tax & shipping rate setup

Help with tax and shipping rate setup for different regions, countries, or shipping providers


Add a wishlist feature so customers can remember your products and come back to purchase them later

Upsells & Cross-Sells

Customised upsells and cross-sells on your product or cart page

Improved Blog

Add a blog or improve your blog’s capabilities and design

Better error pages

Custom 404 pages (not found error pages) to guide visitors back to your products and content rather than leaving them frustrated

Size guides

Add size guides and make them easily accessible across different product categories

Age verification

Implement age verification for access to age-restricted products

Infinite scrolling instead of “load more”

Implement infinite scrolling for your collection pages to make browsing more effortless

Social proof

Add social proof through popups, testimonials, number of sales on product pages

Dynamic pricing

Implement dynamic pricing based on time, stock levels etc.

Copy & text changes

Change the wording and messages of standard elements across your Shopify store including cart, checkout, and automatic email notifications

Custom attributes & logic

Set up custom attributes on your products to show or control custom functionality

Shopify Flow Customizations

Utilise Shopify Flow (for Shopify Plus) to automate various tasks like tagging high-value customers, managing inventory, or customising marketing tactics.

Announcement bar

Add a versatile, customisable announcement bar to the top of your page to show promotions, or free shipping in a non-intrusive way while staying top of mind

Scheduled pricing & promotions

Or content sections across your home page or product page

Consistent design

Make sure your branding and experience is consistent across your store, social media channels, email marketing and customer communication

Custom content sections

Create custom, reusable content sections for anywhere on your store such as homepage or product page sections, filled with dynamic or static content

Custom landing pages

Build custom landing pages with special layouts and including conversion tracking

Look books / Shop the Look

Create enticing “Shop the Look” sections or pages to increase order value and customer satisfaction

Collect more order details

Collect additional information at checkout such as order notes, customer details, desired delivery dates, files and more

Individual problem solutions

Build a custom script or app that solves a specific problem you may have where standard solutions are not working


Geo-targeted content based on the visitor’s location to provide a more relevant, personal experience

App selection & setup 

Recommend and configure suitable apps for any of your business needs

Custom theme

Create an entirely custom theme based on your unique ideas & design (work with one of our design partners to get a stunning, unique Shopify design)

Custom packaging

Let customers choose their packaging at checkout, free or paid

Free samples

Let customers choose from free samples at checkout

Gift wrapping 

Allow customers to select gift wrapping (free or paid) at checkout

AI chatbot

Add an AI-driven chatbot to your store to help customers choose the right product or find relevant information about your policies

Live chat

Add a live chat widget to your store to chat with visitors in real time and consult them on their purchases

Enhanced customer profiles

Allow customers to add additional details to their profiles to help with customer service or targeted product recommendations


Conversion tracking

Implement conversion tracking (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, conversion events etc.)

Back in stock notifications

Allow customers to subscribe to “back in stock” notifications on all or selected products


Allow customers to pre-purchase items that are not yet available

Post-purchase offers

Add a post-purchase offer to the order confirmation page

Create urgency

Create urgencies with countdowns, time-sensitive sales, limited stock display messaging and more

Complex discounts

Implement complex discounts to incentivise higher order values (for example combinations of discounts and bundles or free shipping)


Implement subscription purchases

Gift with purchase

Offer free gifts with orders based on order value, with or without gift selection

Partner programs

Implement referral or affiliate programs with other brands or influencers

Gift cards

Offer digital gift cards

Loyalty program

Implement a loyalty program to allow customers to collect points or special offers and incentivise them to make returning purchases in the future

Secret access

Secret launches or products – make people sign up to your email list before being able to access certain or all products or content on your store

Limited access

Restrict content or product access based on user level, time, secret links etc.


Offer product bundles to make it easier to choose product combinations and increase average order value

Lead magnet

Add a lead magnet section & automation to incentivise customers to sign up to your newsletter

Go wholesale

Add wholesale or trade support, onboarding, pricing, content, and products (with Shopify Plus or additional external tools)

Shopify Integrations & Workflow

Email marketing / CRM

Integrate your email marketing software such as Klaviyo including abandoned cart automations & more

Instagram feed

Integrate your Instagram feed to display it on your homepage or in your footer


Connect your Shopify store to Xero or MYOB for easier bookkeeping

Inventory management

Integrate with your inventory management system to synchronise stock availability, pre-orders and more

Shipping integrations

Set up your shipping integration such as Shipstation or Shippit and manage all your shipping in one place


Set up a customised return process to streamline your returns for yourself and your customer

Migrate products from your old website

Migrate your products from WooCommerce or another platform

Bulk imports

Bulk import products or blog posts

Social Shopping

Connect your Instagram or Facebook store for shared inventory and order management

Other & Custom APIs

Integrate other third-party software tools or APIs, even if they are unique to your business

Team support

Help you or your team navigate the Shopify admin and ecommerce processes


Add custom automations with Zapier, Make.com or other tools to streamline your workflows

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