Six practical ways to use AI for your Shopify store

Sep 13, 2023 | Business & Productivity

Yep, the recent craze around artificial intelligence can make us feel like we’re all going to be replaced by machines soon. But all these new tools can also be massively helpful. Here at MermaidDevs, we believe that AI will transform the way we work rather than replace us, and it is up to us to expand our skillsets to apply these tools effectively.

You’ve probably already used ChatGPT and are aware of its content creation abilities and more. But ChatGPT and other generative artificial intelligence tools can have much more specific uses for you as a business owner. Here are six specific use cases to help you save time, and money, and achieve more professional results with less effort. 

Product images

Professional, consistent product images can take a lot of time, effort, and investment to get right. Product photography AI tools such as Pixelcut or can help you speed up the process by transforming your existing photos into styled and edited, professionally looking product images, ready to upload back to your store. You can use photos that you took with your phone at home, or generate new product images with different settings and backgrounds. 

Product descriptions

Easily create enticing product descriptions in your desired style. Using ChatGPT, simply provide your product details, desired length, tone of voice, and perhaps a few examples. You might still have to edit the result to make it unique to your brand and adjust some details, but it will save you a lot of time writing descriptions from scratch and perhaps also help adequately describe the product from a customer’s perspective. 

Bonus: Easily translate your product description using ChatGPT, resulting in a natural-sounding, grammar and spell-checked translation.

Shopify Sidekick

Did you know that Shopify recently came out with their own AI tool? It’s called Sidekick and is currently in early access. Shopify Sidekick ( is an easy-to-use, chat-based tool that can take care of repetitive tasks for you such as coupon generation, price adjustments, simple theme changes, product descriptions, blog post ideas, data analysis, and much more. 

Customer service 

Make your customer’s browsing experience easier by offering an AI-driven live chat. Simple queries such as your returns policy, brand story or basic product-related questions can be answered by AI, at any time of the day and without adding to your customer service workload. Make sure to make it easy to switch to a human contact and be transparent about using AI.

Options for integrated live & AI chat widgets include Tidio and Manifest.

Product recommendations

Shopify already offers built-in product recommendations that are based on real customer purchases and learn over time. If you want to give your recommendations a boost, try a Shopify app such as Wiser or which can help boost your customer engagement and average order values using different algorithms and offer more customisation options.

Customer Review Analysis

Analyse your customer reviews to identify frequently mentioned strengths and weaknesses of your products or business and learn how you can do even better in the future. Depending on how you collect customer reviews, you could export them and feed them into ChatGPT for analysis. Some tools like Stamped also offer built-in analysis tools. 

If you have a lot of positive reviews, consider displaying an AI-generated summary of your customer reviews, saving website visitors the time to read through each review while maintaining the social proof of having a good number of authentic customer reviews.

ChatGPT Prompts for Shopify

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